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help for teaching online



I have been teaching online for a while now but I need some help on doing my own thing.When I currently login it takes me to where all the students are for all the teachers, I just click on my students name and we connect to have our online skype lesson.I was wanting to know if anyone knows how to set this up so teachers can login to skype and have the lesson with the student whenever they need.     I need to set this up as I cannot take on all the work that I have and I need some other teachers to help me by teaching some of the students that I cannot teach.

12:09 PM May 18 2017 |

Go to the TOEFL® page >



Hi! English lessons happened but english speaking people no. What’s happen?

10:59 AM May 21 2017 |



American Samoa


This is Afzal,an experienced English teacher. Let me know in case of any query. Wouldlove to clear doubts. 

08:38 AM Jul 03 2017 |



American Samoa


I would like to learn english.


Who help me?

12:54 PM Aug 09 2017 |