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November 9, 2010
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Greetings Everyone!

This blog is written to introduce you to the culture and daily life of the United States.

Because the American society is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural one,  I will focus on the common items that transcend the many cultures and the experiences that Americans encounter in everyday life.  The society is very diverse, therefore, the blogs I write will not apply to every person, but in a general sense.  Hopefully enough information will be provided to help you imagine that "You Are There!"


09:48 PM Oct 17 2017

United States

Since my last blog post, there has been Hurricanes Irma, Jose, and Maria that has damaged parts of Florida and devastated Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands as well as other islands in the vicinity. Since the residents of these islands are US citizens, there has been a lot of criticism about the lack of help they have received.

Many people have expressed their displeasure with the current White House administration; nevertheless, daily life is basically the same although there are more protests in various locations. Protests are nothing new in the US to things that need to be changed for the betterment of society. 

I personally have lived through the Civil Rights era, the Vietnam War, and the Great Recession of 2008. There is no lack of areas that need urgent improvements but on the other side of the discussion, the unemployment rate is the lowest it's been in years and it's evident by so many newer cars regular working people are driving.

Major American businesses are developing a corporate mindset to change their old habits in the treatment of people to include those who were formerly not included. The demographics are changing as American society is changing which can be upsetting to some of the status quo. 

Breaking News reports are a daily occurrence nowadays but time will tell how this period of time is recorded in history. In 2018 Americans will have the opportunity to vote to change the Congress and in 2020 to vote for the next president. One thing is for sure, people will remember the mistakes that are made now and will look for candidates they believe will not make the same mistakes. Stay tuned.

08:22 PM Sep 01 2017

United States

Hurricane Harvey has been devastating to the people of Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas. Nevertheless, the people affected have been pulling together to help each other under trying conditions.

Once the water subsides, watch how swiftly the citizens and government will work to get things back to normal. However, some will not return to "normal" because they have lost everything but their lives and some lost their lives.

One of the cultural characteristics of Americans is tenacity, and severe conditions can bring out the best in them and weak points as well. Nevertheless, even the weak points are identified and addressed in subsequent events. Stay tuned and observe how things are played out.

10:23 PM Aug 05 2017

United States

The political climate in the U.S. continues to revolve around the president with multiple investigations and the health care bill that was to replace Obamacare failing to be passed.

Numerous people in the Trump administration have either been fired or resigned. The American people are mostly divided right down the middle politically either supporting or against the president.

Nevertheless, the U.S. economy is doing well with companies hiring but many positions are not filled for lack of applicants.

In 2016 there was a presidential election in which President Trump was elected. He belongs to the Republican Party and his party controls the Congress which has the House of Representatives (The House) that has 435 seats and the (Senate) which has 100 seats.

However, in 2018 there will be a mid-term election to choose the members of the House and Senate. There is a possibility the voters will vote to change the makeup of Congress and the Republican Party could lose their majority in one or both houses of Congress.

In that case, it will be more difficult for one party to pass legislation in their favor.

Because the presidents' term of office is only 4 years, any undesirable legislation or executive orders from that administration is not necessarily permanent because the next President and Congress can change it.

Play close attention to the results of the mid-term election in November 2018.

01:53 PM Jun 21 2017

United States

The current state of the U.S. political affairs lends itself to a true test of the political system that was designed by "The "Founding Fathers" and amended as per the U.S. Constitution.

The U.S. federal government is composed of 3 distinct branches of government,-Legislative (Congress), Executive (the President), and Judicial (Courts). Congress writes the laws; the President approves or disapproves (veto) the law(s) and the Courts make sure that the laws are followed. The laws are written according to the rules of the Constitution.

This is a check and balance system that supposedly ensures that one person cannot take over the government. In the current Trump administration, some of the presidents' executive orders are being challenged in the courts which have prevented the presidential orders from being implemented.

The presidential order banning people from entering the U.S. from certain countries will likely be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court for a final decision. Be on the lookout for this decision in the news.

02:23 AM Apr 20 2017

United States

WobblyJoe, thanks for the insight you have provided into a balance assessment of the racial aspect of American culture. Surely many things were wrong from the beginning, but it is noteworthy to see the things that have been done to make things right. We're not were we want to be as a nation, but thank God that we're not where we once were.

One of the readers recommended for me to write about my experiences growing up in the U.S. and as a result (for those who don't know) I wrote a mini biography of my life in the U.S. in my Culture forum posted on February 21, 2015. Here is the link:http://englishbaby.com/lessons/6488/member_submitted/culture_forum?page=8

Paradizo, if you're ready for some more reading, there you have it. Thanks for your feedback.

09:34 AM Apr 04 2017


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

dear teacher

any how its a bit late ,but thanks a million for creating such a useful blog.

i have been reading it for an hour and enjoying .

02:24 PM Mar 31 2017


United States

Thank you, I appreciate the approval.

I'm sure that like me, you were taught that America is "the Great Experiment", an idea that all men are created equal, that we can function as adults to govern our own lives, contribute to our own neighborhoods and leave our neighbors alone to work at what employment they chose for themselves, to worship however they choose to worship, to teach their children the ways of their people, and they will leave me alone to do likewise. 

History shows centuries of failure, but the ideals are still worth pursuing, and we are doing better slowly.

It's still far in the future, but we're doing better with every generation, and preserving the truth of our early history is worth the effort as a measuring stick of our progress since then.

If you don't remind people living today that people from many races have contributed to what has been accomplished in US history, or that this nation has been a racially diverse effort from the earliest days, it becomes easy for people to think that "American=White", which simply was never true.

History doesn't say "John Smith, white guy", it says "John Smith, American".

To assume that "John Smith" is a "white guy", is an assumption that will often be wrong, and a disservice to the preservation of the history of the USA.

Which is why we have a "Black History Month" to preserve that truth.

01:17 AM Mar 28 2017

United States

WobblyJoe, I couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the significance of Black History Month in the US.

10:02 AM Feb 28 2017


United States

Hello everyone! This is the last day of February. In the USA, February is celebrated as "Black History Month".

That might sound strange, "why do we need a month to study Black History in the USA?"

The answer is that black people and white people worked to build this nation together, from the very beginning. If you look at most lists of famous people in US history, most don't tell us which people were black and which were white, so many people assume the people on the list were all white people, but they usually weren't.

It's true that the original black contributions to settling this land weren't voluntary, but that fact doesn't change the fact that in the history of the USA, from the Revolution to today, black people have contributed much to the USA at every point in time.

I don't think that is as well appreciated here as it ought to be, and I don't think it's understood by many people in other nations.

Perhaps most people think the USA is a "white nation" and assume that famous people in our past were white. Hollywood made that view common by only showing white cowboys, white soldiers, white rich people.

The reality is far different.

On the last day of Black History Month, I encourage everyone to look for the contributions non-Europeans, especially those of African ancestry, have made to this nation. I suspect many people would be surprised by how often Hollywood just changed the race of a historical person to suit the movie audience.

Also, while reading many of you will find that people of your nation (whatever that is) have also done great things here.

Everyone contributes, but most stories are lost.

05:16 PM Feb 10 2017

United States

It has been about three weeks since the inauguration of President Trump, and each day since then there has been some controversial issues in the news. The American public is basically split right down the middle between those who support or are against President Trump.

The people who supported President Trump turned out in vast numbers to vote for him, whereas the people who were against him did not turn out in sufficient numbers in critical areas to vote for Hillary Clinton, therefore did not receive sufficient electoral votes for their candidate to win.

The United States has 3 branches of government which are: The President, Congress, and the Judicial (Supreme Court.) It was designed to be a check and balance system based on a constitution so that no single individual could take over the government and implement their will.

In the case of President Trump signing an Executive Order of the President to implement a ban on immigration from seven named countries, the court system was activated to over-ride the executive order initiated in a lawsuit from the State of Washington.

The Trump Administration (also referred to as the White House) appealed the decision which was granted by a Federal Judge and the appeal was denied by a three-Judge panel in the Federal court system.

Now the Trump Administration has to decide their legal course of action if they wish to make the ban on immigration from the seven named countries. Stay tuned for updates.

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